Koji Matsumoto


Executive Officer/Consultant

Koji Matsumoto is Executive Officer/Consultant and Administrative Scrivener of Global Business Labo Inc. Koji has excellent capability, skills and local network in planning and producing Japanese idol events especially in China.



After graduating from Salesio Senior High School, Koji entered the entertainment office aiming at a music creator. He was making the music, while working for talent management and joining large-scale production at Akasaka BLITZ and Yokohama BLITZ.                                    


Koji established “Sonic Boom Project” for talent management and event production.                  


After graduating from Nihon University, he learned composition and sound editing from Mr.Toyozumi Tatsuji and Mr. Yoshio Masatsuneat Showa College of Music.        


While he was at the college, he expanded his project and founded his own company “Sonic Boom Project”.                                                                                            


He assumed project manager of app “Groupy” to support the music idols produced by Guangzhou Yundong Technology Co., Ltd. and also he was taking care of legal works in Japan.                        


Koji implemented Japanese idol stage planned by himself at large scale two-dimensional content Expo “FIREFLY ACG Festival” in Guangzhou, China.       Also, he locally conducted the Year-end Count Down Event by music idols.        


He also managed Japanese idols stage at FIREFLY ACG Festival in Guangzhou, China in April/July and produced the local idol event, as well.    


He conducted Japanese idols stage at Shenzhen Game Show