Uetake Kyoko



Kyoko graduated from one of China’s Ivy League Universities, Fudan University in Shanghai. Upon her graduation in 2006, she joined Dentsu Tec Inc. in Shanghai and was involved in organizing many big scale events,such as trade exhibitions, launch parties and road shows for a variety of Japanese and international manufacturing and cosmetic brands.

She moved to Singapore in 2010 and joined a Japanese media company for about 2 years before she joined Dentsu Tec inc again to assist in setting up its S.E Asia subsidiary, PROMO TEC PTE LTD. As a pioneer founding member of the company, she helped to develop a network of Japanese companies and delivered many event and sales promotional projects for these companies. In addition, she also organized many travel related projects, such as Japan Travel Fair targeting at Singaporeans. Apart from events, she also delivered many other projects both in Singapore and the region in her 7 years with the company. These projects include production of showroom in Myanmar and Cambodia, web video production for a Japanese manufacturing company. 

In March 2019, she started on her own and continue to provide professional services to major Japanese companies in Singapore to organize Travel Fair and sports related events.