Erika Rossi






2003年~2008年、 一橋大学大学院 地球社会研究科に在籍しながら、 日本とラテンアメリカで生活を送る。

2009年~2010年、 NYCコロンビア大学研究グループの研究員として「Transbordering Latinamericas」を刊行(Routledge, 2013)。

2009年から現在に至るまで、日本のコンテンツ産業のグローバル展開に携わる。 と同時に、日本進出を図るラテンアメリカ企業や行政をサポートするため、2016年9月に「一般社団法人 ラテンアメリカンド日本」を設立。




合わせて「ブロックチェーン・NFT事業」にも参入、フランス、米国、 オーストラリアのスタートアップ向けに日本展開・ビジネス開発を担当。



Erika Rossi

Born in Italy.

Since junior high school she had several oversea study experiences in France, the US and Russia.

She graduated at Venice University (Italy) and came to Japan in 2002 as an exchange student at Tokyo University of Foreign Languages.

From 2003 and 2008, as a graduate student at Institute for the Study of Global Issues of Hitotsubashi University, she lived between Japan and Latin America.

From 2009 to 2010, she participated in a research group at Columbia University NYC under the supervision of Professor Clara Irazábal, whose results are published in the book  Transbordering Latinamericas (Routledge, 2013).

Since 2009 she is supporting the globalization of Japanese contents industry.

At the same time, in order to support Latin-American companies into the Japanese market, in September 2016 she established her own company Latinoamericando Nihon .

Since 2016, she has overseen diversity and business-related lectures for the Japanese company GREEN Co., Ltd. In 2021, she was appointed to the Head of Faculty.

Her major actual results in Japan concern educational training focusing on cross-cultural understanding and diversity for global Japanese companies such as ANA Holdings Inc. and YKK Corporation.

Since 2019, she is also lecturer of International Communication/European Studies at Toita’s Women College (Tokyo).

She has rich cultural knowledge backed by abundant academic studies and a variety of worldwide work experiences and she masters Japanese, English, French and Spanish as well as her mother tongue Italian. So far, she has work experiences in 46 countries in the world centering on Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

Since 2019 she oversees global business for Japanese intellectual properties for a LA based production company. In the same year she also got into blockchain business, and she is now supporting the expansion in the Japanese market of French, Australian and US startups.

She strongly believes in the need of a more sustainable world, and in 2021 she is leading a sustainable and circular economy project, kicking off in 2025, in her hometown in the North of Italy, in the UNESCO heritage site of Monferrato.

In 2022 she has been appointed to COO at Global Business Labo INC., with the task of overseeing global strategy for Japanese contents.