Corporate Philosophy

1. Providing high quality service that our clients satisfy.

2. Be reliable and practical consulting firm by catching client’s issues accurately.

3. Creating the working environment to make all consultants sympathizing with our philosophy show excellent competence and performance.

4. As a member of society、do the best for environmental protection and information security.

5. Respect the consulting industry and serve not to disgrace its name through our business.

Message from General Manager and CEO, Shin Sugimoto

Under severe business environment, every company has been struggling with survival competition. Simultaneously, the issues of business management and human resources development have been rapidly increased. Our mission, as a consulting firm to provide global strategy, is to bring the best service and right solution to the clients to pursue their goals, with our abundant experience, deep expertise and insights.



Our Strength

・Abundant Consulting Experience and Know-how

・Our Own Global Network

・Wide Range of Specialized Knowledge

Business Area & Services